About us

Since 1982 we have supplied transfers to bicycle renovators and trade refinishers from around the world. The business started as it was found to be nearly impossible to get the correct transfers for bicycles that were being restored to their former glory. Originally all work was done by hand but now all work is produced digitally and output to sophisticated machinery that prints colour, white and metallics onto very thin high grade vinyl. Over 35 years we have built up a massive collection of original transfers which have been painstakingly redrawn to ensure complete accuracy. We have a vast range of makers available and are also the only officially certified supplier of Reynolds tubing decals in the world covering all Reynolds decals from 1935-1989.
As well as a vast catalogue of decals we also make special requests. We can redraw decals from originals or from photographs, or we can print out decals from existing artwork. We can also produce most of the decals on this site in whatever colour way you desire. All our decals are printed on the thinnest best quality vinyl in the industry.
Remember, if you don't see it on here ask as there are many items that have not yet made it onto the site.
We are also happy to work with any new frame builders, helping them achieve the desired look for their brand.

H Lloyd Cycles are the ONLY certified supplier of Reynolds decals in the world. This follows a licence agreement with Reynolds Technology Ltd (RTL) which was signed in August 2010 and became effective on 1st September 2010. This agreement covers all Reynolds decals from 1935, when 531 was introduced, right through to 1989, which was the end of the decal series that included a stylised gold wing to the left of the Reynolds name. Post-1989 decals can be obtained direct from Reynolds (RTL) by following this link:-

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We have found over 200 DIFFERENT 531's, leaving aside all the other tubing types that Reynolds have made. Cataloguing them all has not been easy! They are all available to view and buy on this website. The best way is to use the search icon in the top right corner of the web site.  We also have made a time-line of 531's from 1935-1989 which you can view and keep by downloading the pdf, linked below.  This timeline has been vetted and accepted by Reynolds.  Timeline, part numbers and details have also now been added for 501's, 653's and 753's.  On top of this SOME post-'89 decals are no longer in stock at Reynolds and they have extended the licence for reproduction to cover these too.These are also all available on this website.
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